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ERS-ISAM Consensus Statement on Inhaler Use


ERSISAM Inhaler use Page 01A panel of experts was convened to provide guidance for the pulmonary specialist in choosing the right type of inhaler device for patients. The outcome of these efforts was published in the European Respiratory Journal 2011; 37:1308-1331.

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 Standards for Lung Imaging Techniques

Assessing deposition of inhaled drug products using radionuclide imaging techniques has been an extremely
useful method for estimating the amount of medication inhaled and the topographical distribution of this medication.

To standardize the techniques for aerosol deposition assessment of orally inhaled products, the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) Regulatory Affairs Networking Group convened the Sub-Committee for the Standardization of Lung Imaging Techniques in early 2010. This Sub-Committee consisted of a panel of invited experts in the field of aerosol scintigraphy. The sub-committee produced a supplement in JAMPDD (Volume 25, Supplement 1, 2012)  to provide practical guidance and recommendations to standardize the field of deposition assessment using radionuclide imaging.

John Fleming, PhD, a co-author and committee member summarized the recommendations at the ISAM2013 Congress. A summary presentation is available by clicking on the slide below.




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