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Courtesy: Tim Corcoran
Courtesy: Tim Corcoran
Courtesy: Tim Corcoran
21st ISAM Congress - Santa Fe 2017
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21st ISAM Congress - Santa Fe 2017
21st ISAM Congress - Santa Fe 2017
21st ISAM Congress - Santa Fe 2017
21st ISAM Congress - Santa Fe 2017
21st ISAM Congress - Santa Fe 2017
21st ISAM Congress - Santa Fe 2017

The International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) is dedicated to all aspects of aerosol research in medicine. This includes but is not limited to: Aerosols and Health, Pulmonary Drug Delivery and toxicological aspects of inhaled aerosols.


 ISAM Congress


Our well-attended, highly successful Congress in Santa Fe, NM is now over. We thank all attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Without your support, this event would never be able to take place. 


We are always seeking sponsorship to support future events and our next Congress will be held in beautiful Montreux, Switzerland in 2019. Please contact the ISAM office directly to see how we can add value to your company (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).



ISAM/ATS preconference session at ATS 2017

Based on the positive feedback and success of the first two ISAM/ATS pre-conference sessions during ATS 2015 in Denver and ATS 2016 in San Francisco, ISAM and ATS have organized a similar session for ATS 2017. This preconference session on “Current Practice and Future Developments in Aerosol Medicine” will highlight new, exciting research from ISAM and non-ISAM members who submitted abstracts to the 2017 Conference in Washington. Twenty-five abstracts from our field will be displayed and discussed as posters. Among these, we have selected 7 abstracts from students and early-stage investigators that will also be presented during short oral presentations. The session will take place on Saturday May 20, 2017 from 1-4 PM in Room 151B of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center at no additional cost to attendees. Participation in the session will be in addition to ordinary programming of these abstracts during the conference, but will allow for the work to be highlighted in greater depth to conference attendees. The program of this session can be found here.


This event will provide a venue for ISAM members and other researchers with an interest in aerosol-related research to network with each other. The session will be advertised in the ATS program and will be open to all attendees. We hope to see many of you attending the 2017 ATS Conference at this event. Feel free to invite your colleagues to attend as well.


See you all in Washington!


Chantal Darquenne, Bill Bennett and Jim Blanchard


The ISAM textbook of Aerosols in Medicine has now been published online and is available to ISAM members in the members section of the website. It is a living document and presently contains 15 sections and over 1500 pages of text covering all aspects of aerosols in medicine ranging from deposition to testing to imaging to clinical applications. There are several chapters associated with each section from experts in the field. Each contribution has undergone peer review and editing prior to being published. We expect the textbook to expand in the coming months and to be updated periodically. 


Munich Congress 2015

A highly successful Congress was held in Munich from May 31st to June 3rd 2015. Over 320 participants from throughout the world enjoyed a rich and diverse series of talks and discussions on every aspect of aerosol medicine. Photos, are now available. As always, we are grateful to the financial support of sponsors who go a long way to help make this meeting happen. For further information on the program, please visit

The 2017 Congress will be held in wonderful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Details will follow as we get closer to the conference date.


Become a member of ISAM!!

On-line access to the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery for the latest, cutting-edge research and review articles on aerosols in medicine.

The membership area includes a networking forum, direct journal access, registered member listing, and numerous presentations from the 2012 Aerosol School and the 2013 ISAM Congress.

ISAM has made a commitment to support young investigators of ISAM by creating a student forum with the aim to create a community amongst those that are interested in aerosol medicine and to facilitate special programs or networking events for the ISAM 2015 meeting. The forum is leaded by Jessica Oakes, Fabian Blank, and Elliot Greenblatt. For more details please login in the Member area.

Discounted registration fees for ISAM Congresses and workshops.


What's New for 2015

ISAM signed a 3-year agreement, and option to renew after the first year, with Agentur KONSENS GmbH of Werne, Germany on January 11th, 2015.

KONSENS will manage all ISAM office activities that were formerly managed by Activaero (now part of Vectura PLC). KONSENS is a professional agency specializing in the marketing, public relations and organization of academic events and also managing the branch offices of several medical companies. They have been in business since 1994.

Susanne Kessler will be the primary person at KONSENS responsible for running the office. Susanne has 5 years of experience working as an event planner and independent office manager. Her responsibilities include emailing ISAM members and responding to questions, handling finances, managing memberships, and helping with the upcoming board election. Susanne is also actively involved in the organization of the ISAM Congress this year in Munich under the auspices of Sabine Häussermann and Gerhard Scheuch. The Board welcomes Susanne and is looking forward to working with her and KONSENS. We also thank Gerhard Scheuch of Activaero/Vectura, who, with Andrea Kunze, Connie Choulik-Muench and Julia Groß, has managed all of ISAM’s activities at the office since 2006.



2014 Events


AIT-ISAM Joint Conference on:

Inhaled Medications from the Bench to the Bedside: Preclinical, Clinical and Technical Considerations for “First in Human” and Beyond

The first annual joint AIT-ISAM conference was held in Princeton, NJ from September 22-24. The meeting was a collaboration between the Association of Inhalation Toxicology and the International Society of Aerosols in Medicine. The meeting was an outstanding success with varied and high quality presentations delivered on each day. Robust discussion followed the talks emphasizing the audience interest and this was enhanced by the different backgrounds of the audience. The presentations are available for ISAM members in the member area.

ISAM-Woolcock Institute Joint Conference on:

Translating Advances in Understanding Lung Disease into Innovative Inhaled Therapeutics

The focus of the meeting, just completed, was on pediatric respiratory medicine and bioequivalence of Inhaled formulations. The meeting was held in Sydney, Australia on the 25-26th of September. The presentations will be posted on the website and highlights of the conference can be found here. 


Current Newsletter

The November 2016 Newsletter is now available. (see the News tab for past Newsletters)

Upcoming Events

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